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Spanish Embassy Award winner Isabelle C Sinkin

15 August: Senior Conference

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The 2019 Senior Conference for students of Spanish was held yesterday at Flinders University on Victoria Square. 67 students from Aberfoyle Park HS, Christian Temple C, Craigmore HS, Pembroke S and Open Access C and Eastern Fleurieu S had the chance to listen, speak, play, even sing and dance in Spanish! We all had a lot of fun and learned or practiced our knowledge about nature and the environment as we worked together in different activities and games. We also enjoyed a taste of chocolate, orange cake, tortilla de papas and pisto manchego. Students had also the chance to meet and listen to other students of Spanish at university and learned about the many fun resources available to them from Manuel Moreno, Education Advisor to the Spanish Embassy of Spain in Australia. Congratulations to competitions and games winners (check the joke competition winner in this post!) and best wishes to Spanish Embassy award-winners Isabelle C Sinkin and Poojana J Bandulage. You are certainly an inspiration for the rest of us! Thanks to all students who attended and specially to those who adopted a plant!

Winner Joke Competition, T Beckerdorf, Yr10, OAC


Amazonia team


Andes Team, overall winners






Todos para abajo, todos para arriba…


Completa tu hábitat


Revitaliza tu español


Award Ceremony




Yucatán team


Uyuni team


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