Nuestra misión / Our Mission


Our commitment is to promote the Spanish language and its culture in South Australia, as well as contributing with the teaching and learning of Spanish in all schools around the state.

In 2019, STASA will be celebrating its Silver Anniversary. For 25 years, STASA has played an important role in supporting the professional practice, association, and development of the teaching of Spanish in SA, always recognising our Spanish teachers’ dedication and commitment to the growth of Spanish learning and teaching in South Australia.

Our motto is: “Collegial Support, Political Action


1. To facilitate mutual support for teachers of Spanish Language through sharing of resources, networking events, and hub group collaboration.

2. To organise professional development for teachers, as well as both student and teacher conferences.

3. To promote Spanish teaching across South Australian Educational Institutions, and maintain a database of Spanish-speaking community links.

4. To recognise the exciting work being done in schools.

5. To promote networking and resource sharing amongst members via email, social networking sites such as Facebook, and through the STASA Website and Blog.

6. To maintain links with other relevant associations such as MLTASA and EdSA.


Maurene McEwen

Carmen De Miguel