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13 Dec: 25th Anniversary Dinner

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Party time! It took longer than expected but finally got together to celebrate 25 years of STASA. Thanks to Viviana and Claudia’s good work, we had a pretty good deal with Quetzalcoatl’s new outlet in Unley. The occasion offered an opportunity for different generations of STASA members and friends to come together and share their experiences teaching Spanish in SA during the last quarter of a century, and that we did (although not without a few technological hiccups). It was great to see so many teachers, junior and senior, share a meal and stories, but most importantly, we all had a great time! Thanks to all who attended and made it possible. Larga vida a nuestra asociación.

Gracias a nuestros compañeros y amigos de Nueva Gales del Sur por sus amables deseos.

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