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24 May: Concurso de Dibujo SPANISH DAY OUT!

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Dear Years 5-8 Students of Spanish,

Help us celebrate our own Junior Conference for students of Spanish, SPANISH DAY OUT! by participating in our poster competition. The focus for this year´s conference is climate change and the topic for your entry should be



  • Entries close C.O.B. Friday 24 May 2019.
  • Send to: Juana Estrella. Prospect North Primary School. 30 Stuart Rd. Prospect SA 5082.
  • Posters have to be submitted in A4 size. The winning drawings will be voted at the conference by attending students.
  • Winners will be notified via email and their drawings will be displayed on STASA Facebook / website.
  • Please notify us if you do not want your work published.
  • Originals will be returned.
Do not forget to write on the reverse of your drawing:

1) NOMBRE DEL ESTUDIANTE/ Student's name:

2) NOMBRE DEL COLEGIO/ School's name:

3) CURSO/ Year level:

4) NOMBRE DEL PROFESOR/A- Teacher's name:

5) EMAIL DEL PROFESOR/A- Teacher's email:

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